About MassiveU

Global education is experiencing a sea change. Doors are being opened for learners worldwide, some of whom never knew they could be students, let alone participate in coursework made available by such a wide array of universities, and in so many levels and fields of study.

About Us

Our team at MassiveU sees the huge importance of Massive Open Online Courses (Read: online distance learning for the masses), but we take this great vision for the future of open and online education opportunities a step further. MassiveU offers an exciting and coveted mobile portal, in addition to its online accessibility, making learning something anyone can do, at any time, from any location. We also take great measures to ensure that the MassiveU experience is highly attractive not just for student learners, but also hugely beneficial for educators, subject matter experts, sponsors, and employers.

The Big Difference

Often referred to as the Mobile MOOC, MassiveU utilizes best-in-class technologies to support efficient, asynchronous course content creation and distribution. This means students can access and engage with learning content – where and when they want it – on virtually any screen (online or mobile), irrespective of platform, device manufacturer, carrier and/or data plan. This, folks, is massive.

MassiveU is unlike existing MOOCS in that we deliver:

  • For students: An asynchronous, interactive, robust, and screen-agnostic learning experience that includes mostly mobile native distribution of recognized brand content to most devices (iOS, Droid, Amazon).
  • For Educational Institutions and Learning Organizations (i.e. universities, K-12, corporate training): Ownership and control of the student relationship, ultimately supporting associated cross-sell/upsell opportunities.
  • For Subject Matter Experts and Professors: Incentives that foster content creation and promotion of valued content to a massive audience.
  • For Sponsors/Advertisers: Channels to associate and sell through content-relevant products and services to a massive audience.

The MassiveU Vision:

We want to educate the world without restriction; Support subject matter experts for their valued content; and Provide new models that drive business objectives for educators, corporations and other institutions.

"As a Continuing Ed adjunct professor for over ten years at NYU, I have never been more excited about the future of distance education than right now!"
— MassiveU Founder Angelo Biasi