Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for Students?

  • Students can learn on MassiveU anywhere, any time and on virtually any mobile phone, tablet or online screen.
  • Courses and lessons are provided by leading universities and subject matter experts.
  • Courses and lessons are free or efficiently priced.
  • Finding and downloading courses and lessons on MassiveU is easy and fast.
  • Learners can track their own learning plans and stack lessons to build specific proficiencies among various topics.
  • Sponsors and Educators will oftentimes include special offers as course and lesson value add for relevant services and products.

What are the benefits for Educators?

  • Creating and publishing content to MassiveU is easy, fast and inexpensive.
  • MassiveU apps work on virtually any mobile phone, tablet or online screen meaning your content and can be accessed by a global, mobile audience, irrespective of phone type, carrier and/or data plan.
  • MassiveU is a great marketing tool for generating qualified student enrollment leads and extending reach and reputation.
  • MassiveU's Pay Per Download (PPD) and Sponsor models, to name a few, can help generate new revenue streams for your university, institution or company, while supporting valuable Subject Matter Experts (SME's).
  • MassiveU mobile learning content can be used to enhance existing Instructor-led (IL) or online courses contributing to the learning outcome of paying students.

What is the difference between MassiveU and other MOOCs?

  • MassiveU uses mobile apps to deliver valuable asynchronous (at the learner's own pace) content anywhere, any time and on virtually any mobile phone, tablet or online screen.
  • MassiveU supports the value of content and Subject Matter Experts through an efficient Pay Per Download or Sponsor model.
  • The student relationship is oftentimes shared with the respective educator allowing for additional learning albeit instructor led and/or online courses, certificate and degree programs.

Why aren't these mobile learning apps available in different app stores?

  • MassiveU is its own mobile learning cross-platform app store. This means that apps are available for multiple platforms from one single mobile learning source, for virtually any mobile device and/or tablet.

What is the difference between a course and a lesson?

  • Lessons are lighter apps (~250K) and usually slices of a course (similar to getting a song vs. the whole album), whereas courses are more robust (up to 100+meg) all encompassing classes. Both include various levels and degrees of interactive digital media content, albeit copy, images, videos, pdfs, assessments, as well as forums/reviews.

Will there be tests?

  • Most lessons and courses include assessment tests throughout. Educators reserve the right to correct and/or verify test completion, including pass/fail.

What happens when I finish a course/lesson?

  • Some courses and lessons have specific and varying assessment systems made available to students.

What if I have more questions about a specific course or lesson?

  • You can submit your question via the forum/review functionality
  • Some courses and lessons provide instructor access for individual tutoring and/or feedback.

As an Educator, how do I submit course content/lessons?

  • Click here or email us at with your name, email address, phone number, institution, lesson idea, category of study and target audience. A MassiveU representative will contact you shortly.

How do I access my app?

  • You can access your app by clicking the “Install” or “Fee” button and then “Install” on your mobile device or tablet sent to you via email. If you cannot download your app for whatever reason, you should be able to view the content online by scrolling down after clicking the Install button on your device and clicking “view online.” Accessing the content online (HTML or HTML5) requires connectivity to the Internet (data charges may apply).
  • Video content is streamed for optimal file size. This, too requires, Internet connectivity and data charges may apply.

What phones do apps work on?

  • Most lesson apps are available as native (downloadable) for Symbian, Java, Droid, Blackbery and Windows devices. Concurrently HTML and HTML5 versions of the content are also created and made available for those devices and as a web app for iOS (Apple/iPhones).

What is an app vs. a webapp?

  • An app is a package of content that resides on your mobile device's hard drive (native). In other words it's downloaded to the device and does not require internet connectivity to access the content
  • A webapp is content that requires internet connectivity to access and/or stream content
  • Most apps on MassiveU allow for native downloading to Java, Symbian, Droid, Blackberry and Windows devices while also allowing HTML and HTML5 access to content (webapp/iOS). Be sure to check "platforms" for that lesson or course as some courses at larger file sized downloads may only be available for iOS, Droid and/or Kindle Fire.

What's the life of an app?

  • Apps are usually live one year from the date of publishing
  • Apps may be taken down at any time by MassiveU, the publisher and/or service provider without notice. It's wise to download content on devices that allow for this. However, in the case of web apps (iOS) and HTML and HTML5 there is inherent risk that content may not be available for this reason, even after purchase.