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Patient Navigation
Patient navigation was founded and pioneered by Harold P. Freeman in 1990 for the purpose of eliminating barriers to timely cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care. Patient navigation has shown efficacy as a strategy to reduce cancer mortality and is currently being applied to reduce mortality in other chronic diseases.

Patient navigators provide one-on-one guidance to patients as they move through the health care system.

The Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute
The Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute (HPFPNI) is the gold standard for patient navigation training. The patient navigation program is an intensive training program that prepares individuals and organizations for successful implementation.

The Financial Navigation App
Financial Navigation is one component of the HP Freeman Mobile Navigator Training series. Financial Navigation, as a specialized area within patient navigation, has proven to improve the quality and continuity of care while providing the patient with improved survival.

In this Financial Navigator app, users will learn how to:
- Virtually integrate a fragmented system for the individual.
- Eliminate barriers to timely diagnosis and treatment with references to: Conducting Financial Consultation with patients as needed, Negotiating sliding fee scale for patients through screening diagnosis and or treatment, Negotiating Coverage for undocumented Residents and patients that qualify for the Medicaid excess income Program (Surplus Cases), Representing patients applying for Medicaid and re-certifications.

Specific Issues and definitions dealing with Medicaid, Medicare, and Family Health Plus are included.

Lesson topics include:
- Patient Navigator Responsibilities
- Medicare/Medicaid
- Resources
- Measuring Success
- When You Can't Help

Use cases, a glossary of terms and self assessment aid the learning process.

Take one or all of the patient navigation training mobile apps.



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