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What an incredibly exciting time for LEARNING! A sea change is taking place in the education sector (primarily in secondary and higher education), and it has become impossible to ignore the heavy influence of mobile technology and how it is playing a huge part in everything we do, including educating and learning. New technologies and models are making education more accessible to a massive global, topical, and demographically targeted audience.

MassiveU is the first sponsored mobile learning opportunity for savvy marketers.

The aforementioned new technologies, models and solutions, along with decreases in state funding, increases in enrollment, and a rise in student loan defaults, are making distance education infinitely more important to educators. Mobile is how we get there:

  • The Movement Toward Mobile: MassiveU was born from Angelo Biasi’s self-designed NYU course called Mobile Marketing for the Small to Medium-sized Business – the first course of its kind taught online and over mobile phones. "I saw first-hand how learning in the form of mobile apps can add significant experiential value to students from all over the world, who just so happen to have different carriers, devices, data plans and translations."

We at MassiveU use mobile apps to deliver relevant learning content to targeted recipients. Sponsoring any one these mobile learning app lessons or courses offers Sponsored Brands:

  • Association between your brand/offers with valuable learning content and to a very specific audience.
  • Brand Visibility: Whether it’s business, music or other subjects, make your brand visible anywhere, any time, and on virtually any mobile phone, tablet or online screen – through MassiveU.
  • Example: Sprint and DudaMobile are currently sponsors of NYU’s "Mobile Marketing for the Small to Medium-sized Business (SMB)" lesson apps. By being Sponsors, they can now support their millions of SMB subscribers and customers/members with valuable value-added learning content to help instruct on the value of mobile marketing and, in turn, support increased productivity. DudaMobile is offering a 60-day free trial to the DudaMobile tool as a special added value to the MassiveU lesson app(s).
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